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May 1st 2012 Labor day in Croatia

Hi Everyone, i would like to know if the Bus and Ferry schedule will be operating on May1st. I'm planning to take the bus from Dubrovnik to Split and hop on a ferry to Hvar. I can't find out how much it costs for the bus or the ferry. I appreciate all feedback. Thank you!

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Vivian, I was just browsing these pages, looking for more insight for a late-year Adriatic excursion, and noticed nobody replying to your 7 April post. My research found two ferry web sites: (1) and (2) . As for the bus situation, that one is too easy: .
Your trip is almost here, so the anticipation must be high. We don't leave the states until September, and already we're eager to be away.

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Thank you Don, I was able to become OCD and found a lot of info reading stuff online. I decided to leave Dbv via the tour bus to Mostar to spend a night on April 30th and take the bus back to Omis. I have spent hours researching for the best place (good price/location/quality) to stay throughout the many cities I planned to visit. Very exciting indeed. I think I'm almost done. In Split, I'll be picking up a car to visit Krka Park and then Plitvice Park before heading up to Slovenia. September sounds like a much better time than May because the weather would be warmer. But then I can't change my birthday to September from May so my boyfriend and I will have to tough it out. Have a wonderful trip yourself!!! :)