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Lunch in Delphi

We have a one day tour to Delphi from Athens. We'd rather not pay the 16 euros for a lunch that may or may not be good on the tour. Any suggestions on where to eat?

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I think you're right to avoid the tour lunch - almost always pretty bad in my opinion.

I've not been in Delphi for 5 years but my favourite place was O Gargantos, at the opposite end of town from the site and museum. It's opposite the bus station and down some stairs. Despite the fast food looking menus on the wall a very good place. The bus drivers eat here, which is a recommendation in itself, and it has great views.

A bit closer to the site is O Telaion. On the down hill side of the main road a fairly basic snack bar with tasty cheap food, but a limited menu. Good for a lighter lunch - omelette or fried eggs - or a coffee. Views from verandah.

On the one occasion I did a day trip to Delphi I felt we had nowhere near enough time on the site. If you're the sort of people who have the energy to do the whole thing it might be worth buying a couple of baguettes before you leave Athens, and having a quick picnic.

Have a great time. Delphi is beautiful.


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I spent a day and a night in Delphi and had lunch and supper downtown. Any restaurant should be very good but I recommend any thing on the south side of the street for the views. Get a table on the balcony which will offer a great view of the valley and the coast.

Good Travels.