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Luggage Problem at Istambul Airport

We are flying back from USA to India in August & taking a stopover at Istambul for 5 nights.We are planning to visit Capadosia from Istambul for 2 nights. (We are carrying 2 chkin bags of 20 -23 kg/ eachfro USA.) And returning bk to Istambul to take flight from Istambul to India after 2 days. Is there any facility at Internatiolnal ARTKURT Airport to leave my suitacases( checkin bags) for 2 days? If yes where this facility is located at Airport & what are the charges for the same?
How do we get VISA on arrival @ Istambul? What documents are required& what are the charges?

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Outside the secure area of the IST international terminal is a "Left Baggage" room. Cost is around $8 per day for large suitcase. Try to confirm before-hand if each piece of luggage needs to have a lock. On your return from Cappadocia, give yourself enough time to go outside secure area, then re-enter after retrieving the suitcase.

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Arriving from the US you just get in the line for a Visa, pay your money and go. I would assume it is the same arriving from India, but there should be info on the website from your airline.

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This website is very useful for all kinds of Turkey information, but I've ed the page on visas: If you scroll down to India, you will see that he says: "**India: Ordinary passport holders with a valid Schengen, UK or US visa may get a one-month single-entry visa at Turkish borders. Otherwise, you must apply for a visa in advance." This is confirmed by the Turkish Embassy in New Delhi page: Assuming you will have a valid US visa since you are returning from the US, you should be able to get a visa on arrival. However, neither website lists the current fees. You should probably e-mail the New Delhi embassy with your visa questions, to get official answers. As for the procedure, it's easy; you get off the plane, and there is a visa desk that everyone lines up at, before passport control. You pay your money (US dollars or Euros only), and get a visa sticker in your passport. You then go in the immigration line and get your passport stamped.