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Looking for cheap beach towns (i.e. Turkey? Montenegro?)

Hi, I'm taking my new husband to Europe for the first time. We're starting off staying with friends in Paris, but after that, I'd love to take him to a sleepy beach town on the Adriatic or Mediterranean -- in an inexpensive place -- I don't want him to get the impression Europe is all about going into debt! : ) Any suggestions of beach towns in Turkey, etc? We're looking for undiscovered smaller towns. Many thanks! Carey Ann

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Altho we havent been, we have heard good things about the "Albanian Riviera" and we believe Montenegro is a cheap alternative. Turkey is likely cheaper than, say, Italy, but a flood of tourists has raised prices

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Thanks for letting me know about Turkey. I figured as much. 20 years ago, on my college Europe trip I went to Croatia, which was beautiful and dirt cheap ($3 for a tray of shrimp) and my cousin went to the beaches of Turkey. Croatia has certainly been discovered in that time... it would make sense that Turkey has too. Okay, Albania will be my next conquest.

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I guess don't overlook Greece, especially the lesser known Islands and the shore of the Peloponnese, even Crete. Lonely Planet or Let's Go has loads of cheap beach spots.

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Cirali or Olimpos on the Turquoise Coast might fit the bill. Olimpos is more of a backpacker-tree house scene, and Cirali more laid back and less youth-tourist-oriented. The beaches are protected there because they are the nesting sites for turtles, so no beach-front resorts. Patara--about twenty kilometers away--is a long gorgeous golden sand beach complete with Roman ruins.

There are still plenty of little pansiyons along the Turkish Mediterranean where you can get a nice room and Turkish breakfast for less than a round of micorbrewed beers in Seattle!

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It depends also wich city you are going to arrive,
If Izmir, kusadasi, ayvalik, cesme are the best places... If Bodrum or Dalyan/gokova,, you can try Marmaris, datca, gokova.. July & august are the season. prices are ~20% higher..
but smal pensions are in everywhere, BB and very good hospitalitiy ~20-30 € max....could be founded..


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Micheal Palin (of Monte Python fame) has a TV series called "Behind the Curtain". He travels through countries that were once behind the Iron Curtain. One of the shows visits Albania. After watching the show, Albania wasn't appealing to me. Everyone likes different things but it's worth checking out before you visit.