Looking for best GPS

Our Garmin is old and it's more expensive to the maps than to buy a new one...most of the info I've found on here is from last year.... Seems like Garmin and TomTom are the frontrunners - does anyone have a preference for a current model ?
looking at the Garmin 2475LT .... thanks

Posted by JB
Redding, CA, USA
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I prefer Garmin. The Garmin 2475LT seems like a good choice. Do buy the lifetime maps....well worth it.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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linda, I use an older model Garmin NĂ¼vi (now discontinued), and it's worked well for me so far. It came equipped with European maps, which I've upgraded a few times. I'm not familiar with the Tom Tom models. The current Consumer Reports has ratings for many GPS systems, and the Garmin models occupy most of the top spots (the 2475LT is #7). The only "best buy" model is the 2455LT, which is similar to the 2475. Based on my experience and the ratings, Garmin would be a good choice. Cheers!

Posted by linda
redmond, WA
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I don't see a Garmin that you can buy lifetime maps for - just lifetime traffic.... Wish there were lifetime maps - at least the new one has a microSD slot.... thanks - looks like we'll be getting another Garmin...

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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I've used both. I like the TomToms a little better (but may be related to which model of GPS), but got a bad TomTom once and ended up with a poor replacement (should have gotten a refund and started over). Right now we have a Garmin in one car and TomToms in two. I would definitely go with either Garmin or TomTom rather than another brand. Since you're comfortable with a Garmin you may want to stick with it.

Posted by linda
redmond, WA
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thanks for the links - sorry - I should have said -
'no lifetime maps for Europe'.....We use it mostly in Europe and infrequently here in the U.S. and you're right - since we're comfortable with Garmin and it seems as if either brand is fine - it'll be another Garmin for us. I appreciate all of your opinions - thank you

Posted by David
Seattle, WA, USA
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We've had a Garmin Nuvi 275T for years. Actually, my first one was pinched by a pickpocket in Lisbon about 4 1/2 years ago (on the second day of our trip!) but I came home and bought another one - both the original and the replacement from Costco, included US and European maps. Before our last trip to Europe in the spring of 2012, I thought about replacing it - it's really old for tech gear - but honestly, it does everything I want, it's a nice compact size, and works great. Couldn't find a better equivalent, and last year I ended up just buying lifetime map updates for the old unit. Original cost was about $100 bucks, a new unit would have been more than that, and the lifetime US and European maps for it was also - you guessed it - around $100. So I went with the lifetime maps on the old unit. It worked just fine for driving around Slovenia and Croatia last spring. I update the maps once or twice a year before a trip and I'm a happy camper. Hope that helps.