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lodging in St. Petersburg, Russia

My husband and I will be travelling to St. Petersburg and Moscow Mid-August for 16 days. Any help with clean, comfortable, reasonable hotel accomodations would be appreciated. Thanks

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I've been to St Petersburg. Hotels in both cities are very expensive as they cater exclusively to "rich" western tourists. Hostel type facilities are very scarce; St P. only has only one hostel. Your best bet is use recommendations listed in the Lonely Planet guidebooks and As your going to be there 16 days it might be worth your while to rent an apartment. The tripadvisor forums are a better resource for information for travel in Russia.

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Actually, St. Petersburg has at least a dozen hostels. I've stayed in a couple of them on different trips and they have been on the same level as other hostels I've stayed in throughout Europe. I would recommend checking out list not only hostels, but also guesthouses, B&Bs, and cheap apartment rentals. Good luck!

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A good cheap option is a family homestay. I stayed in an apartment overlooking Nevsky Prospekt, and I learned more about Russia in 6 days than I could reading about it for 6 years. If you have already booked your trip, I assume you used a travel agency (since travel independent travel in Russia is difficult to arrange)? Ask the agency if they can arrange a homestay.