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Laundromats in Greece

We are planning on taking the Rick Steves Greece tour in May 2014. Wondering if there are any self-serve laundromats in Athens, Kardamyli, and Nafplio. If not self-service, what is the turn around time for laundromats where they do the washing? Do the hotels offer any service and usually how expensive is it. Thanks.

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It's unlikely you'll find a DIY laundromat but there certainly are laundry services in the cities. You pay by the kilo usually. I can't say how long the service will take. Yes, many hotels do offer this service. You'll have to ask for pricing but it probably won't be cheap.

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Hi, I used Ricks recommended laundromat (Plaka) in Athens. If you drop off by noon it will be done by 5pm. If you are staying close by they can also deliver it to your hotel. They charged by the kilo and we paid 22 euro and for delivery. It would have cost us at least 15 euro (wash/dry) to do it ourselves so its a great deal and left us the day to sightsee Athens vs. the inside of the laudry. We stayed at hotel Marrianna in Nafplio and the owners can make a recommendation based on wo's available in 2014. Hope this helps

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Hi David, my husband and I took the Greece tour in Fall 2010 - there where two opportunities our guide provided for laundry. Was unexpected, but we took advantage. Same thing with our fall 2012 Spain trip, an unexpected announcement of the service was made available. RS doesn't promote it, but it does happen...I suppose on the longer trips. Good luck! I really enjoyed Greece (and Spain).

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David, You're going to have a fantastic time on that tour! I took it a few years ago to celebrate my retirement, and it was wonderful! Regarding laundry...... > Athens - if your tour uses the Acropolis Seleçt Hotel, laundry will be easy. There's a very popular Hostel a few streets over, with a laundromat on the main floor. As I recall, you can get change in the Bar next door. Ask the staff at the hotel, as they'll be able to provide more precise directions. > Kardamyli - the hotel there provided a "service wash". We brought laundry to the front desk immediately after check-in, and they sent it out. It was back the next day. I'd have to check my notes for details on the hotel. > Nafplio - the place we stayed there was exceptional, and hopefully you'll be in the same hotel (run by two brothers, as I recall). I can't remember if I used a laundromat or service wash there? The staff at the hotel will be able to provide that information. Happy travels!