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Latests Turkey Events - Should we change our travel plans?

Turkey has approved a resolution that would allow military action against the PKK in Northern Iraq. We are scheduled for a 2 week trip to Turkey departing on November 1st. Should we reschedule to a different location and try Turkey another time?

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This is more sabre -rattling than anything else. It is designed to get the US to pressure Iraq re the Kurds and is not likely to result in conflict, in our opinion. It is certainly a possibility. Turkey is a very big country and we assume that most if not all of yoour trip will be in the western third of the place. This would put you hundreds of miles from any "front"

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Go to Turkey without hesitation. I just returned, having traveled there 3 times in the last 3 years. I went as a solo vagabond without an itinerary and had the best experiences. I met locals easily and they pointed the way to my next stop. Prices are great, travel thrills are abundant. You will experience no problems with the Turkish people at all. This fear stuff that fills the airwaves will have no impact at all on your day to day encounters during your trip. Smile, be respectful, travel the Rick Steves way and you will be welcomed wherever you journey in Turkey. It is an amazing place. I have been to 34 countries and Turkey is near the top of favorite destinations. I have so many fond memories of my days in Turkey. Go!