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Krakow Tram

Does anyone know of a good map of the Krakow tram? I really couldn't find one online. Basically, I'm looking for the cheapest way to get from the airport to our hotel in Kazimierz. I know the bus from the airport drops you off at the main train station, but I can't seem to figure out if we can then catch the tram from there. Our hotel is basically directly across from the Kazimierz tram stop. Or if anyone has a different idea....thanks!

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Try this site:
Although I've never had this problem in any other European city, I found the trams in Krakow to be very confusing, and over crowded. IMO best left for the locals. I would take a taxi from the train station to your hotel.

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Maybe it;s something in the water near New Paltz but we never found Krakow trams confusing. They CAN be crowded but they are very cheap and very efficient
We got a good map free, in Krakow.

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We used taxi to downtown Krakow from airport on
several occasions. They are cheaper than just
about anywhere else unless you are going late
night/early morning when the price more than doubles.

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Well, i had a map from this fall from the tourist office, but can't find it....From the airport...first change money at a machine or counter and be sure to get some coins or small denominations.
Bus 192 is to the far right as you come out of the small terminal...i think i cost like 2,70 goes to Krakow train /bus station.
The shuttle bus right in front of the airport take you to a small train, rather like a tram, that takes you into the city in 15 mins for 4zl.
The rick eastern europe book, which i ddin't have , or need, at the time....syas that the trams to Kazimierz are 3 13 and 34.
Yes trams are crowded, but no more so than anywhere else...and people were very helpful...Even when help not asked for we got taps on the shoulders and gestures to say "this is your stop"...maybe not having understood what we said, but noticing our map searching.
And just ask your hotel for directions!! Most are quite good about giving the help.
We loved Krakow.