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Krakow- Tours to Concentration Camps?

I will be traveling to Krakow in June and am wondering if anyone has experienced taking a organized tour from Krakow to Auschwitz etc. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Happy Travels!

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Hello Ashley: In May 2007 my sister and I visited Krakow and thoroughly enjoyed it. (We stayed in a fantastic Rick Steve's type small hotel in the old town, the Globtroter).

We took a city bus (about 1 1/2 hours) that went to Auschwitz and beyond, you just need to tell the bus driver where you want to go. It drops you off at the entrance to Aushwitz. We did get a tour brochure, but did not hire a guide. We then went to Birkenau via the free shuttle, and that place was huge and sobering.

My recommendation is to leave earlier in the day (we left Krakow around 11 and we would have spent more time at Birkenau if we had it). Be sure to walk past the many destroyed barracks to the back where the crematoriums and memorial are - it seemed to take 10 minutes at a fast clip.

In Krakow we enjoyed the Chlopskie Jadlo. We also enjoyed lunch at a local's restaurant: U. Stasi Restaurant, which closes when they run out food. We were the only foreigners!

Have a great trip!