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Krakow To Budapest

I would like some opinions on getting from Krakow to Budapest. I know there is a 10 hour night train - but have read it is noisy and rough. Are there any drivers for hire? Should we just "grin and bear it" on the train?

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We rode the overnight from Krakow to Budapest last year and it was not particularly noisy or rough. Actually, it was very pleasant and enjoyable, one of the highlights of our trip; my wife and I both slept well and arrived in Budapest well rested. If you can sleep on a train you will enjoy the experience.

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I was on the night train on that route last year and it was great!!

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We took it the opposite way (Buda to Krakow) and had a fine time. Didn't find it was rough at all. The only noise we suffered was due to the fact that we booked a 6-person couchette and two passengers tried to board in the middle of the night. However, usually the train attendants are wonderful and they helped these poor girls find a room that wasn't pitch black and filled with four sleeping people :) I actually really enjoyed it.

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The train, as others have noted, is fine.

Pay cash at the train station in Krakow and ask about any "Special Fares" or you'll end up being quoted an outrageously expensive fully refundable ticket.

If you're interested in scenery, however, the Orangeways bus does go over the Tatra Mountains and is supposed to be a stunning ride.

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If air is a possibility, I believe Germanwings flies between Krakow and Budapest.