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Krakow at night - what IS there to do?

When I Google it, all that comes up is "Stag Party!" or Drinking, neither of which we do. After the museums close, is there a moonlight carriage tour or something? I've looked and can't find anything. We'll just be mom and daughter, so don't want to get too risky or adventurous. Our hotel is in Old Town (Hotel Polski). Thanks all. (Sun and Mon nite, if it makes a diff)

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My husband and 10 year old and I were in Krakow last summer. At night we sat out on the square and had dinner. We took a carriage ride, we wandered around and had coffee and dessert. We listened to musicians and street performers. We loved Krakow. I didn't see it as a huge stag party place. You will have a blast just wandering old town and listening. We found Krakow very safe. Have fun!

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Most of the bigger clubs and bars are out of the old town area. There are a few vodka bars in the old town area that have a very relaxed atmosphere (no stag parties and annoying drunks). THere was also a nice beer garden that I went to in the old town that was very nice. The old town area is very nice to walk around in the evening and stop and have an ice cream. The main square is a great place to people watch at all times of the day.

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I concur with bronwen, I've actually been to Krakow on a stag do and it really isn't a stag destination - the main square is very civilised with lots of al fresco dining and places to stroll.

Like any town there are a few more lively bars and streets but they are away from the centre in what I took to be kind of a stundenty area.

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My wife and I find Krakow charming at night. It your hotel is in old town walk to the square for dinner, street musicians and carriage rides which
are the most inexpensive we have found in Europe.
On one trip our 25 year old son was with us and would go to the old town bars for a couple drinks after his mom and I had called it a night. He didn't have any trouble with rowdys but met a couple Brits who invited him to join them at a stag party.
They indicated the wilder scene was outside of the old town area. He refused their offer and that was the end of it.

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Annabeth -

We really enjoyed walking through the town center and taking a carriage ride (there are lots of them on the square). I think the new mall (where a lot of locals and other Europeans are as Krakow is less expensive than many other countries) is open to 10pm on most nights and 8pm on Sunday.

You didn't mention how old the daughter is but.... We went to the Harris Jazz (or Piano) bar right off the square a couple of nights - it's in Rick's book. They had great music and it was a low key place. There was smoke and it's a bar but not everyone was drinking. There was a very diverse crowd - locals, students, tourists - anywhere from just legal European drining age to mid-seventies. We really enjoyed the music and the atmosphere.

Enjoy your trip!