Koper and Dubrovnik

My family and I are doing an Adriatic cruise in a couple of weeks. It stops in a few cities we've already visited, but two that we haven't..Koper,Slovenia and Dubrovnik,Croatia. I was wondering if anyone had a name of a good tour guide in each city OR a good itinerary for 1 day in each city? Thanks!

Posted by Mike
Tampa, FL, USA
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Dubrovnik is so simple, I don't think that you need a guide. I would get off the boat and taxi into town which should be fairly cheap. Walk the walls first before it gets too hot and crowded. You can go all the way around or get off in a few spots midway. The city walls are easily the main draw of Dubrovnik. If you are interested, you can visit two different monasteries, but they are fairly low key. We chose to have lunch, then take the ferry boat out to Lokrum Island, which I really enjoyed. We swam in the sea, walked around, and just relaxed. Frankly, on a Med cruise, you will see lots of churches and monasteries, and the ones in Dubrovnik are not particularly memorable, which is why I chose to go to Lokrum. PM me if you want any more specific info.

Posted by David
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i passed by koper but didn't spend too much time there. it's a big town but you really just need to see the old town, which is actually pretty small. i don't think you need a guide, walk on your own takes about half day. if you have time, you can take a bus to piran. it's about 1hr and you might find more things to see there.

Posted by Urshula
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