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Just one evening in Poprad or Stary Smokovec

I'll be training from Prague to Krakow in April, via Poprad, Stary Smokovec, and Zakopane. I'd like to stop off for one evening either in Poprad or Stary Smokovec, and then just wing it the next day, by bus, train, whatever, through Z to Krakow. I've browsed web pages till they're all running together in my mind. Of course, online, every hotel gets a bazillion stars out of a max of 5 available, and they all sound wonderful! I'd like some opinions on Poprad vs SS. It seems to me that P may be a bit larger, while SS is more like a pleasant mountain village. Am I reading the web pages about right? If I am, then I'd prefer SS, I think. I'm not into partying; I prefer a quiet evening supper followed by a relaxing evening perhaps with some wine or a fireplace or both, and some pleasant conversation if that happens too. So my thought is a smaller town would suit me more, but I really can't tell just how big Poprad is; perhaps it too is more of a small town and I needn't get too worked up about either place! My only other question is: is SS large enough that I'll be able to find a range of places to eat supper? Some of the villages along the TEZ rail lines, for example, seem small enough that I'd be concerned it'd take a train ride to the next town and back to find supper! Not the end of the world, of course, but I do like a bit of a heads up on what to expect. Any thoughts at all will be most welcome, incl specific recommendations for places to eat, sleep, drink, whatever! Thanks!

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By all means Stary Smokovec. Poprad is a modern town, about 50 thousand inhabitants, nothing spectacular for tourists. Stary Smokovec, Strbske Pleso, Tatranska Lomnica are the places to be. Plenty of places to sleep, eat and drink depend on your budget. If you are lucky and there are no low clouds the views are spectacular.

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Thx, both. This is what I thought. SS is where to be.

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That hotel link is in Strbske Pleso. Anyone stayed there? We are going fishing for a few days and using the Kemenski as a base.