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Izmir to Kusadasi transportation

We are traveling in Europe from U.S. and using public transportation. We fly to Istanbul in two days. The plan was to use public transportation there but when we fly to explore the Turquoise Coast, we were going to rent a car. But....My husband forgot to bring his inernational drivers license and now we have to change plans. I have reservations for lodging in Kusadasi (2 nights) and Fethiye (2 nights). We were going to pick the car up from the Izmir airport and drop it at the Dalaman where we are departing to fly to Cappadocia. I need suggestions on modes of transport from the Izmir airport to Kusadasi. And also from Kusadasi to Fetithye and Fethiye to Dalaman. I was so excited about this trip...thinking the car would give us freedom to see so many more things along the beautiful Turquoise Coast. And I feel a bit let down right now. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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For lots of information about getting around Turkey (and anything else you wanted to know about the country), I love the Turkey Travel Planner website. Here is the link to his "travel within Turkey" page. And here are his specific tips on options for getting from Izmir airport to Kusadasi.

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I don't believe that you need an international driver's license in Turkey. I've always simply shown a passport, credit card and U.S. driver's license (that has a picture on it) when I've rented there. At check points (unlikely in the Izmir area) they will want to see passports, not IDL's. If you decide not to use a car, buses are probably your best option. Pick up a copy of Lonely Planet. It has lots of information on transportation options. In the Izmir/Kusadasi area you will also be able to find plenty of tour packages that include transportation (e.g. to see Ephesus in Selcuck). Good luck.

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We used our US drivers license in Turkey with no problems. Also =- - if you are flying Atlas Jet (I think that is it) from Istanbul to Izmir they have a free shuttle from the Izmir airport to Kusadasi.

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Hey thanks everyone for the helpful information. I was freaking out when I thought we couldn't rent a car but as a couple of you mentioned the International Drivers license wasn't necessary even though the site I had booked with for car rental had insisted we needed one (IZIRENT). When we arived in Izmir we were able to rent a car with just a US Drivers License with Eurocar. The trip was fantastic and the only thing is, I wish we would have had more time. Enjoyed Kusadasi and the drive from there to Fethiye was so scenic and the mountain passes downright magnificant. We found a great place to Kayak near Olundeniz. If we ever come back I think I'd like to spend a couple of weeks just exploring the coast and the ruins. We are now at the airport for a long lay-over...heading for our final destination Cappadocia. Thanks Again!