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Istanbul with a baby

My son and daughter-in-law are going to Istanbul on business in Feb. and have invited me along to help with their 4 month old baby. Is this a safe and healthy place for such a little one. Would I feel safe walking around during the day with just me and the baby?

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Safe in what way? Do you think you and your grandchild will be attacked in the street? Are you thinking the baby will fall victim to Turkish germs? Are you afraid for the child or for yourself? Turks are welcoming and warm people who will smile indulgently at a small baby and its grandmother and offer help should you need it.

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You never read reports of any trouble in Istanbul, except maybe that young New York mother that was murdered last December.

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I've been to Istanbul twice- it's a great city, the people are warm and friendly and I have always felt completely safe there.

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Hi Carol - I've been over to Europe 10 times or so. I went to Istanbul 1 1/2 years ago. I felt more safe in the city (and the whole country for that matter) than any other big city I've been in. The people are very friendly and helpful. The food was the best I've had on all my travels (including France and Italy). Go.

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I'm with Jerry. We are world travelers and Istanbul is one of the most welcoming cities and most helpful people we've experienced. You will have no problems whatsoever. As far as eating and drinking the water--the Turks are the most fastidious people we've seen and every place we ate or drank anything was spotless. Go with a light heart and enjoy one of our all-time favorite cities.