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Istanbul to Italy & to Cinque Terre and then cruise to Ft. Lauderdale

Hi, we are taking a land tour of Turkey for 16-days and then need to get to Italy for 5 days in Cinque Terre. Any ideas about the best way? I see Pegasus Airlines goes to Bergamo and Blue goes to Milan. Another option is into Rome but distance much further and no direct trains so think Milan or Bergamo would be our best bet. I'm a bit concerned about making train reservations and missing the train and having to take another train. Bit confused about the ticketless train tickets on-line. Has anyone used this and how do they work? We have lots of luggage as are taking a cruise after the trip to Cinque Terre. Is getting 4 suitcases on and off the train going to be a problem? Any recommendations on B&B w/bath in Cinque Terre area? Thanks, Carol

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Did you know that 99% of US credit cards don't work to reserve/buy tickets on the Trenitalia system?

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To answer the luggage question - You don't say how many people are in your travel party, but my mother and I travelled with 4 suitcases last summer. She's 81, and we managed our luggage off and on the train. I'm not saying it was the easiest embarkation, but we did it and it went pretty smoothly.

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I know most people associate cruises with lots of luggage. But it can be done with less. On six of our seven European cruises we only add one carry on size rolling bag - for the two of us - in addition the back pack style of carry on bag that each of us normally carry. I will not embarrass myself by telling how much luggage we took on that first cruise. Doing much the same you are doing by traveling ten days in front and after the cruise. It was a learning experience never to be repeated. ,,,,,,,,,,,, I would get the train tickets when you arrive. The ONLY advantage to early purchase is some discounts. The is NO worry about getting space on a train. That time of year, you will have no problems purchasing the hour before you leave. ........ There is no serious problem with getting a lot of luggage on and off the time other than a lot work. The steps on a train are steep and narrow and there will be a rush of people getting off and on. Big pushing match. You will make yourself slightly more venerable to pickpockets simply because you attended is devoted to so much luggage, hands are full, and cannot move quickly. Good luck

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The closest airport to the CT is Genova or Genoa. The train to the CT take 90 minutes from there. Milan to Genova is about 1 1/2 hrs then change to the La Spenzia trains they stop along the way at all the CT towns. The trains are easy to get on an off with luggage. However 4 suitcases really. Ever tried to down size do you really need all the clothes. I've been on just the same cruise and only had one suit case and now a backpack. You can wash things out it's really not a bother.

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Unless you have 4 people (one for each suitcase), getting your luggage on/off trains will be just the beginning of the challenges. Once you arrive at your Cinque Terre destination, you will have to get those suitcases from the train to your room. And every CT room we've stayed in involved lots of stairs (Vernazza) and/or hills to climb (Manarola). My husband and I did a 12-day transatlantic cruise followed by 10 days in France with just our carry-on bags, so it is possible. Takes some planning (and he rented a tux from the cruise line, which helped).

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Please listen to everyone here. Dont take so much luggage, you will feel so much freedom without. Find out of cruise offers renting tuxcedos, that could eliminate some clothes there. People on cruises dont pay attention if you've worn something several times, there are so many people to pay any attention to individuals.You will be major targets to thief with all that luggage. Listen to the experts here....