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Has anyone gone to a belly dancing show at al Jamal? Or is there a better one.

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I highly recommend checking out the "Turkish Dance Night" at the Hodjapasha Cultural Center (an old Turkish Bath). While it has belly dancing, it also showcases other dances from the region. It is very well done and worth the cost of the ticket. Seats are first-come, first-served, so buying tickets earlier will get you a better seat.

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I second Dina's advice about the Hodjapasha Cultural Center. WE attended the religious ceremony and what is called the whirling dervish performance instead of the belly dancing, done on separate nights. They have a website with a schedule and how to purchase tickets. We bought them well in advance and had seats on the front row. It was worth every penny. These performances are authentic unlike some belly dancing in tourist attractions/bars. The center is near to the Erboy Hotel where we stayed in the Old Town.

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Thank you, I will definitely check into it. I hope it isn't to late.