Istanbul Climate & Experience

Hello there, I have decided that for my spring break in March, I will be visiting Istanbul. I am very excited but concern at the same time. I have done plenty of research and found that this is a month that is very rainy and cold. I am from Boston so I doubt that it will be much colder. I am more concern with the rain which of course is very unpredictable. Anyone been to Istanbul in March? that can tell a little about the experience as a whole. ( weather, transportation, food ECT. ) ** Very weird question: Anyone know if there is any camel back riding outside of Istanbul? or any amazing adventures that will help connect with the people. Any other information added, will be greatly appreciated. I want this to be a trip of a life time: Very cultural and spiritual ! Thank you all in advance !!

Posted by Agnes
Alexandria, VA, USA
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I have not been there in March (rather, in June and Oct), but I want to reassure you that you'll have a great trip regardless because there are so many things you can do indoors AND without the crowds, which is a real plus (e.g. Archeological Museum, Topkapi palace, Dolmabahce palace, Istanbul Modern museum, Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, Haghia Sophia, Blue Mosque and tons of other mosques which I thought were just as fascinating like Rustem Pasa and Sulemanyie). Check this site and others for events... As far as camel back riding, I think you may be confusing Turkey with Egypt or Jordan (or other desert environments)...they do have camel wrestling and human wrestling (very popular in Edirne but not likely in March), but I think you'd have a better chance connecting with locals just by chatting with them in the shops or restaurants or by hiring a guide. Or getting a mom and pop place to stay that will allow you to interact with the owners. People are extremely friendly and will have a conversation with you just about everywhere..they'll invite you for tea (it's well meaning but yes, they do want to sell you stuff as well - especially carpets - nothing wrong with that, just a heads up). Another great way to connect with locals is at a soccer game since the Turks are avid fans of their teams (Galtasaray, Fenerbahce)

Posted by Paula
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Rafael, you may be able to arrange a camel ride if you go to Cappadocia. There are a few camels there. I think they are mostly for photo ops but you can probably also ride one. I have been there in mid-April and it was cool in the mornings until about 11am. It then warmed to the high 60's and was pleasant. I think
we had light rain one day.

Posted by Rafael
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Thanks Paula! It's more for picture purpose not truly riding it. How was your overal time, did you enjoy?? Would you go again?

Posted by Dina
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Been there in March. If it rains, it can be miserable, but there's lots of indor stuff to do (museums, mosques, bazaars, etc.) It can also be very nice - and that's when you'll want to run to the ferry (but bring a hat and button up - because out on the water on a moving boat feels much colder than at the dock!) If you want interesting camel culture, try to get to Izmir for camel wrestling. I don't know what the schedule is for it (or even how you'd find out - maybe a DE on TripAdvisor?) We got a glimpse on a Sunday morning in March. Fascinating!

Posted by Paula
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Yes, I have been twice and plan to return but not this year. It is a magical country, full of history, great food and nice people. My first experience was on a RS tour and then I returned last year in conjunction
with a trip to Jordan. You will love it.