Istanbul Airport Transfer

What's the best way to get from Istanbul airport to a hotel in Old City Sultanahmet? We'll be arriving at the airport at 5:30 PM on a Saturday.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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By "best," do you mean cheapest, easiest, fastest... If your hotel is offering free transfer (and many do if you stay 3 or more nights), that's obviously the easiest, and free is of course always good. If not, you can take a metro to a tram (cheap, but a pain with luggage) or a taxi (easy; not ruinously expensive) or a bus (in between). If you don't have Rick Steves Istanbul, get it immediately; it has details of all the possible methods. And look at Turkey Travel Planner online; here's his summary of airport transfer methods:

Posted by John
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Even if you're not eligible for a free lift from your hotel, check to see if they offer a ride for a fee. My hotel is charging me 30 euro, which seems comparparable to a taxi.

Posted by wayner
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Howdy, A fairly simple Google search will provide three reserve in advance services that charge between 20 and 22 Euro from Ataturk to Sultanhmet.
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Posted by Ishtiaq
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Thanks for the feedback. I took your advice and arranged a ride with the hotel to pick us up for 25 Euros.