Istanbul airport

I am going on the Rick Steves week long tour to Istanbul. I will be flying from Newark or JFK. I need to know the name of the Istanbul airport, closest to Istanbul so that I can book my flights. Please let me know the name of the Istanbul airport. Thank you.

Posted by Swan
Napa, CA
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A quick search yielded: Istanbul airport is ATATURK and IST is the code.

Posted by Ann
Staten Island, New York,USA
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Thank you for your prompt response, much appreciated.

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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I know you didn't ask this, but do try to fly Turkish Air from JFK to IST. Not only is it often cheaper than United (from EWR) or Delta (from JFK), which are the other nonstops, but it's MUCH nicer than either of these. The food is actually tasty, the planes are new (USB charging ports at every seat, Audio-Video on Demand at each seat, and sometimes electrical outlets too) and the flight attendants are pleasant. I only wish they went to other places from New York besides Turkey <g>. To compare flights, use Put in NYC as your departure city - this will pull up flights from all three New York City airports. And since I see you asked about Rome's airport as well: you don't actually need to know airport codes to use Kayak. Just type in the name of the city, and it will pull it up (if there's only one), or will give options (if there's more than one). You can always "cityname-all airports" and go from there. Often, as in the case of Istanbul and Rome, there's more than one airport, but only one gets flights from the US. If you actually have a choice of airports once you see the options on Kayak, ask here to see if it makes a difference (most of the time any airport to a city will work, but there are exceptions).

Posted by Ann
Staten Island, New York,USA
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Thank you for the web site, found it most helpful and your advice.

Posted by Diane
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Turkish Airlines would be my first choice too. I truly enjoyed their long-haul flight from Istanbul to Toronto and would fly with them again in a flash!

Posted by Maggie
Boscombe, Dorset, UK
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Here's another vote for Turkish Air. I flew with them from and to London before my RS tour last year.
I hope you have a great time in Istanbul. It's now my favourite city in the world.

Posted by Mary
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One more vote for Turkish Air. We flew from Istanbul to Izmir in coach and had clean comfy seats and a tasty meal. This was a 1.5 hour flight and we only wished that we had booked Turkish Air for our flights from England to Istanbul.

Posted by Debabrata
Mumbai, India
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Turkish Airlines has recently refurbished their aircraft and they are really nice. The food / wines are great too. The airport is called Kemal Ataturk International Airport.

Posted by Devon
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There are two Istanbul airports by the way. IST is the closer one, but there's one on the Asian side and if you are looking to keep prices down that may help. It's called Sabiha Gökçen with the code SAW. Like someone said, you could use Skyscanner to check NYC to Istanbul and have it check the different combinations for you. There's a bus at the airport that is fairly inexpensive for a trip into the city.