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We are flying into Vienna, driving to Croatia, and flying home through Munich. During that time we would like to take a return flight to Tel Aviv, Israel that is cheap from Croatia. What is the best airport and airline to use that flies from Europe into Israel. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Not sure there is an easy answer - you are going to have to look at the common search engines and to figure who flies from Croatia to Tel Aviv.

I wouldn't expect to find anything cheap. You are choosing to cover a large distance on a route that probably has no direct flights. Hence you will have to connect somewhere. Also, I assume there won't be many travelers on the route you are thinking of which means that the airfare will be high.

You may try for flights from MUC to TEL rather than from Croatia. You could also see where Arkia (Israeli discount carrier) flies to in Europe.

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Most of my friends who travel to Israel recommend El Al as the best. Check their webpage to see if they fly from Croatia. As for the air terminal--I guess all airlines fly into Tel Aviv.

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Try your luck posting this question on the Trip Advisor Israel forum. There are several Israelis who advise there regularly, and there are MANY Israelis who travel to Croatia.

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A trick I learned on this Helpline is to look at an airport's Wikipedia page to see airlines used and destinations served. Here's the Wikipedia page on Ben Gurion Airport. This listing shows that Zagreb and Dubrovnik have nonstop service, some of it seasonal and/or charters only.

Of course, Wikipedia is not the final authority on airline service; the airlines are. So, use Skyscanner to check on actual flight routes, as well as checking the airlines' own websites.

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N.B. The OP posted in 2009 and has undoubtedly completed her travel by now,

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We change plans (Lufthansa) going to Tel Aviv in Frankfurt and on the return changed plans in Munich.