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So, with the news of the last few days ( Turk military going into Iraq with some troops being killed) we are thinking of canceling our trip to Turkey this summer. Bummer. Any thoughts?

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Not due directly to the military action but more the sentiment in the country against the west for not supporting their military actions against the Kurds.

I would stay out of Turkey. I canceled my trip there in Decemeber and 3 days later 2 bombs were set off in Ankara where I had planned to go.

If you travel with a tour like Ricks you should be ok since they have the local knowledge of what is happening and where things are most likely to happen if ever.

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Obviously, stay away from the Iraqi-Turkey border. Ankara is generally safe. Istanbul & the western coast are also generally safe. The State Department usually issues some sort of warning for travelers in areas deemed unsafe on their website. If I remember correctly, checking a few yrs ago, the area where Turkish- Kurds live in eastern Turkey had a questionable status. But again, check the website for the definitive status for Americans' safety.

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YES, Turkey is safe. Do not hesitate to travel to Turkey. Go and have a great time. I live in a "safe" community in NW Washington, but if you read the crime stories and incidents of violence in the local paper you would hesitate to travel here. Where is anywhere that has no risk? Life lies beyond the comfort zone.
I have made 3 trips to Turkey in the last 3 years (and will most likely go again this Sept.) and had a great time--and so will you. You will notice zero effect on your trip from these remote happenings. I traveled solo without intinerary and put myself at the mercy of the local people and whatever situation may unfold. Again and again I was treated with kindness and brought home memories and pictures to last a lifetime. Don't let fear keep you from living your dreams.

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."-Helen Keller.

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I can't believe you would disparage Fresno "having been" here. Apparently you whizzed by on the freeway. I am originally from Manhattan and have also lived in Marin - Sausalito, no less - and the Sierra mountains, so my guess is I understand nice places . We chose Fresno on purpose. There are are some beautiful places here as there are even a few where you come from. As for Turkey, of course you can be struck anywhere. The point is you don't go out of your way to put yourself in harm's way. We would be traveling independently and have since changed course. We are going to Greece, Italy and Austria and can't wait!

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Although this won't be of any use to Doreen, it may be to others. There is really no need to worry about safety in Turkey unless you are thinking about Eastern Turkey in the Kurdish areas. You run the same risk of terrorist activities anywhere within Europe, and that risk is vanishingly tiny. Frankly, auto accidents are a much graver risk, whether in Europe or in the US.

Will you find anti-American sentiment in Turkey? I sincerely doubt it. I speak Turkish reasonably well and chat with cab drivers, shop keepers, and so forth. Some of them very much disagree with US policy in their neck of the woods. But I have never had anyone react negatively to me personally. Turks seem to be able to separate their reaction to American government policies from their attitude to Americans who happen to be visiting Turkey. Turkey still offers a true "back door" experience at a time when the dollar makes that difficult elsewhere in Europe. I would not hesitate to go.

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I'm with JER on this one, although I'd certainly keep track of it between now and summer. I've been to Turkey (a few years ago now), a 70ish neighbour's wife and her girlfriend were there just last year, we all would go back in a heartbeat -with caution. Just for the 'halibut' I checked our foreign affairs website for travellers' warnings and Turkey was considered no worse than many other countries most of us consider 'safe'. I take those warnings with a bit of a grain of salt to begin with and find them to be a bit of a CYA exercise on the part of governments. Within the past year the gov't of Australia had ridiculous travel warnings about Canada for a variety of reasons that hit the media up here in the Great White North. Certainly check the warnings, register with the embassy and exercise caution -just like you might do in several countries around the world. Most of all, enjoy the people, their culture, and have fun.

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We traveled to Turkey a few years ago when anti-American sentiments were running pretty high in general and had no problem. We didn't go near the border but stuck to the West coast and had a fantastic time. I have actually never felt more welcome to a country as an American as I did in Turkey. People were incredibly friendly and very curious. They had the ability to seperate the American people from the controversial actions of our government. As a result, I had a ton of fascinating conversations with English-speaking Turks about political motivations, structures, etc. Although they didn't agree with the actions of our government I never sensed anything from them but respect and curiosity. Obviously everyone will have a slightly different experience but I would have no problem hopping on a plane to Istanbul, even now.

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Wife and I spent 5 days in Istanbul in Mar 08. I was a tad nervous about the trip, and my Daughter who is an Officer in the USAF stationed in Baghdad said not to go. So, Of course, we went anyway. Stayed in the Ottoman Hotel, visited as many sights as possible in the Sultanahmet area, seemed like we walked a hundred miles a day, and took the ferry all the way out and back on the Bosphorus. Felt that it was a very unique, significant, and historic place to visit. Even I could tell that we wer'nt in Kansas anymore. Was a little nervous at first, but stayed on our toes, didn't do anything stupid, carried Ricks book around, and had a great time. Bottom line is that even though the dollar is weak, with the way the world is going, there may never be a better time to go than now. Statistically speaking, the riskiest thing we do on any trip these days maybe driving our car to and from the airport.

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I just spent 6 days in Ankara for a conference. I encountered no problems and felt safe. My husband, a friend and me walked through the old part of the city and visited many markets without issue. People were exceptionally friendly and welcoming.

I am planning a return trip to Turkey (Istanbul and Anatolia).

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I am (35, Engineer) Gokhan from Turkey/izmir,,
I have to say that you will feel yourself like as in your country.
Turkish people and culture is the most friendly one on the world,,
I advise you to the west side costs in the summer and Istanbul for a culture tour , 2-3 days is well enough.
Please do not hesisate for any kind of question