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Internet Ideas for College Student in St. Petersburg

My daughter will be studying in St. Petersburg for the upcoming fall semester (late August - early December). She has been told that the dorm in which she will be staying will be charging approximately $1.00 for every 4 to 5 megabyte of internet use (same goes for the other buildings on the college campus). We are obviously trying to find a less expensive solution.

We have contacted our cell provider. They have offered two solutions: a broadband modem or upgrading to a blackberry global phone. The modem is even more expensive, while the blackberry data plan in Europe is $65.00 per month.

Are there any other solutions besides her running to an internet cafe? She obviously needs to have access to the internet for her email and other types of research. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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There's always free WiFi. This website discusses Internet Access, Dial-Up and Wi-Fi in St. Petersburg and mentions getting a local $30 modem for a laptop that has coverage in SP. It also gives you the free Wifi hotspots in SP.