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Hvar Or Korcula

I need help deciding which island to stay on with my mother and Aunt, we want to avoid too many crowds but want to have activity full days, what would you choose?

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They have a totally different vibe. Unless you're want to spend more money and have a great nightlife scene, then pick Hvar. If you want something more laid back and still beautiful, then pick Korcula. Something tells me a Mother and an Aunt don't necessarily need the hip clubs and hotels in Hvar...

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We were quite underwhelmed by Hvar - the place seemed pretentious, self-absorbed and full of itself. We were happy to leave and get on the ferry to Korcula. We loved Korcula, and didn't want to leave. Hvar seemed fake, Korcula seemed real. Just our impressions and tastes vary - we have no use for the disco-till-dawn crowds, we make a point of trying to steer clear of that, and loved the quiet charm of Korcula - it was one of our favorite places. Neither island is going to offer a lot of what I'd call "activities" (well, if you want to dance all night and get baked, Hvar will offer plenty of that "activity"). Both are in pretty settings, both have old town fortifications. For Hvar's fortifications, you do some moderate climbing up to get to them (nice views from up there). No climbing in Korcula (just a few steps to the "high point" of the small old town), it's "fortifications" are sort of wrapped around the old town. If you want "action" go to Hvar. If you want to stay away from all the "action" then head for Korcula.

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Hi Ellie, we were in both places this past June so here's my opinion. As noted by others Hvar is where you go for the nightlife and has a nice fortress to hike to. Its a nice place to walk around during the day and a great port to sit at the waters edge and watch the boats. Its also easier to get to because there are more ferry options.
Korcula is my favorite for a more relaxed and somewhat local flavor that can be had there. We enjoyed the Moreska Sword Dance (I put a review on it on this site), and its nice to sit along the waters edge eating a liesurely dinner at night and drink in the ambiance. I also recommend just walking the town during the day and night. Its only about a 15 minute walk to circle the town or take the shortcut thru the middle (up and down the hill) to see the soveneir shops. You can also see more of the "local" people in Korcula who are out selling items such as the old lady selling homemade cheese to make ends meet, to meeting other locals who you will likely see participating in the Moreska dance. Lastly, we did take a swim below the sea wall and that is nice also. We did not try it, but there is a boat tour you can arrange with Korcula Info mentioned in Rick's book.