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How easy to buy sunscreen in Sultanahmet?

Going later this week to (first time!) Istanbul for RS 7 day tour. I've had melanoma and have to wear sunscreen and cover up here in Southern California if in sun (walking, doing errands,etc) with hat, lightweight clothing,etc.
I use a sunscreen daily that I really like but it is 3.0 fluid oz. (88ml.) tube--will that be a problem with TSA here in U.S. airports (I'm flying out of LAX) if I need to buy more in Istanbul, how easy is that?

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You can bring liquids like sunscreen in your carry-on bags, as long as each bottle is less then 100 ml (a bit over 3 fluid ounces), and all your bottles fit into a 1 quart ziplock bag; 1 bag per passenger. That's the 3-1-1 rules, clarified here: You can bring any amount of liquids you want in your checked bags (put the bottles in ziplock bags, just to protect your clothes if the bottles leak). I bought sunscreen in Istanbul (not in Sultanahmet, but in Galata). It is sold in pharmacies (not in the drugstores that sell toothbrushes and hair dye and such, but actual pharmacies that sell medicine; in Turkey, as in other European countries, these are different stores). It was expensive, but it was a very high quality Nivea product I now love! They didn't have the selection I was used to in the US, so if you need or want a specific kind, I would bring it with you.