Hotels on Milos, Greece

Hello! I have about 4 days off between other itineraries from July 5-8, 2013 and am looking at taking a break from the travelling and having a bit of downtime. I have heard that the island of Milos is stunning but unfortunately since it is not covered in the Rick Steves book I am wondering if anyone has thoughts on hotels and whether this is a good island to visit? (FYI I have already been to Santorini and am looking for something a little more low-key.)

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Hi Andrea! You're right, Milos is more low-key. But for us to give you useful advice, you need to tell us more, i.e. (1) where are you starting from? , Athens, or another island, and do you plan to start for Milos in early AM July 5, or later, or the night before, and (2) where do you need to be AFTER Milos? Athens? Athens Airport? and what day/time? July 8? July 9? During July, from Pireaus most days there's a morning (7-7:30) fast-ferry, and some days a late-afternoon (1700) ferry. To see your options, spend some time in the best ferry-info site, We can also advise better if you say, are you with someone, or solo? Do u want to be on a beach or not? What's a "good island" mean?? Another island in that string is Sifnos. Also, would you rent a car? Sifnos has a good bus network, Milos, not as good. Without car on Milos, u wd do better to stay at edge of port town. Do u want to meet others? Milos has delightful around-island sails, where you can meet & have fun with others, stopping at coves for swims & BBQ. So... share more, so we can help.

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If you don't get the information you need here on RS you can try's filter system. It's an excellent way to find an affordable hotel with the amenities you require. There are also reviews. Another excellent source for hotels and 'things to do and see' suggestions is

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Hello again and thanks for the responses! Ok, so more info: I am thinking of taking the 17:00 boat from Athens on Friday July 5th and the 11:30(?) boat back to Athens on Monday the 8th. So really I have two full days and three nights. I would rent a car for a day maybe but I have also heard about the boat taxis that can ferry you around and that will drop you off at beaches. Likely though I would want to stay within walking distance of groceries, food, etc. (walking distance is antything less than an hour each way). For these couple of days I will be solo: some friends will have just left and others not yet arrived and this 'break' is after 5 weeks of traveling and before another 3 weeks so I am really looking for some downtime to just relax and maybe do some laundry, if I can find the facilities. Siftos also sounds like a great place. Again any hotel/dining recomendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,

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I'm wanting to visit Milos as well. Do you have any good hotel recommendations?