Hotel Prauge

Need a cheap hotel room/apt/efficiency for 3 persons in Prauge, no car. Doesn't need to be any nicer than a hostel, shower/WC down the hall is fine.
Any suggestions? Thanks!

Posted by Tom
Easley, SC, USA
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Look at Miss Sophie's hostel. Very good, as hostels go. Definitely easy with no car. Shower/WC down the hall. I had a multiple-person room to myself last April. Any of the type sites will show it when you ask for hostels in Prague. But it's a true hostel, not a hotel or an apartment and definitely not an efficiency. It's a bed in a room with a lock on the door and a lockable storage cabinet under the bed for your "stuff" and the WC down the hall, and nothing more. But in very good condition, quiet, well-run, etc.

Posted by Ilja
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I think I know about something which sounds like something you are looking for. Last fall I stayed in private accommodation on upper floor of a family house. Two rooms with a kitchenette. Shower and restroom on the same floor, not shared. House is in quiet Prague neighborhood of Kobylisy. 5 minutes walk to tram, 10 minutes walk to Metro. By Metro to downtown about 10 minutes, by tram little bit more. Price was very reasonable. The landlady lived many years in USA and speaks fluent English. If you are interested, PM me for her email.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Sam, For accommodations in Prague, I would highly recommend the Green Garland Pension. It's in a great location, the rooms are very comfortable although "basic" (ie: no TV) and the staff are wonderful. It's in a great location within convenient walking distance to both the Charles Bridge and the old town area. There are some nice restaurants nearby. Happy travels!