Hotel in Krakow

We want to book the B & B Astor in Krakow in May. Does anyone have any information on this hotel. Specifically, I need to know how easy it is to take public transportation to and from the old town. We are late 60s and walking is not a good option.

Posted by Penny
Tulsa, OK
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Hi Robert, The B&B Astor is about a fifteen minute walk from the main Old Town area and another few minutes' walk to the Rynek (Main square). Krakow has a good public transportation system, but it looks like you'd have to walk about five minutes from the B&B to get to a tram stop, or take a bus for a bit and then change to a tram. The front desk clerk could probably tell you the best way. But here's a link to a site telling about public transport: By the way, the article mentions buying the tickets on board the tram, but when I was there, not all the trams had a ticket machine. I bought mine at the little kiosks that you often find near tram stops (not all) where they sell cigarettes, magazines, etc. Once in the Old Town, there are - or were when I was there about 6 years ago - little golf cart tours that can take you around. I don't know how much they charged, but I think they were fairly flexible as far as where they could take you around the Old Town. I hope you enjoy your trip!

Posted by Robert
Mont Belvieu, Texas, USA
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Penny, Thanks for the tip. We booked the hotel with confidence that we can get into the old town with no trouble. I hope I didn't give you the impression that we are so decrepit that we can't walk at all. We get around pretty good but I thought that long walk into town might be a bit much. Again, thanks for your input.

Posted by Lee
Moretown, Vermont, USA
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I just got back from Krakow and it is true - you cant buy tickets on all of the trams. But there are kiosks. And the trams that do sell on board are well marked. The golf cart tours are still around in abundance. Getting around on foot is pretty easy.
It is a very easy city to get around.