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Hostel Modra

Has anyone been to the Hostel Modra, Prague? It is located near terminal 3. I realize I have to take a bus from the main airport.. but don't know where to go when I get off the bus, and it will be night! The people at the hostel do not speak English, so I cannot get help there.
Thank you.

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Hi Judy, I have not been there. But I am not sure I get your main worry...if you are worried about getting lost and walking at night, then I would suggest a cab. If not, then, ask the hostel which bus number is the best and the bus stop name (google translate is not so good...but keep sentences short and it is OK). If you have the name of the hostel and address, I am sure you can show it to someone at the airport and-or on the bus and they can is very close to the airport. I would also suggest using google maps and looking at other streets and companies-hotels that are near you can recognize them from the bus. Hope this helps...
Best resources is often the people in the country of the best thing about traveling for me! Have a wonderful trip! Val from Long Beach

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I just looked at the reviews on TripAdvisor: Are you sure you want to stay here? The only reason would be if you have a very early flight the next morning. It doesn't sound nice, and the location would not be convenient for seeing Prague itself. Per the TripAdvisor reviews, it is indeed difficult to find the bus stops and the staff do not speak English. Googling, I found this website:, which says that the hostel is a 5 minute walk from terminal 3, and that a bus goes to terminals 1 and 2. Have the name, full address, and phone number written down to show airport staff (someone at the airport is likely to speak English, even if the formal tourist information is closed); this way, they can tell you if it is walkable or if you should get a taxi. If you do take a taxi, having this information will make sure you get taken to the right place (Googling also shows that there is a different place called Hotel Modra, in the center of Prague).