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Help with Transportation between Eastern Europe Locations

What is best means of transportation (cost and time) between the following locations? We already have our roundtrip airline tickets in and out of Prague and we must meet up with daughter on 6th night in Budapest.

Also, any suggestions on where to spend 3 extra nights available after we leave Budapest?

Arrival (set) Prague, Czech Republic - 2 nights
Ljubljana, Slovenia - 3 nights
Budapest, Hungary - 4 nights
Krakow, Poland - 3 nights
Gdansk, Poland - 3 nights
? Any suggestions? - 3 nights
Departure(set) Prague, Czech Republic - 3 nights
Thank you for any assistance.

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Thank you for the reply, I will look into the additional places mentioned and your pictures. Good info on breaking up the travel between Ljubljana and Budapest with a night in Zegreb,Croatia. I still am concerned with getting(transportation) from Prague to Ljublajana, any suggestions on the most efficient means (cost and time) for that leg of my itinerary? We try to avoid only one or two nights at a location unless it's just more practical, so spending aleast 3 nights at each stay is prefered. How safe are the locations?

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Not sure what time of year you are travelling . . . we did the Ljub to Budapest route by train in July. Took 9 hours, did not go through Zagreb, was not airconditioned, etc. We booked our train upon arrival in Ljub for departure two days later--didn't even need to do that--quite inexpensive. IF you decide to train this route, carefully check the route, the type of train, if food and/or water is available on board.

Too bad you won't have time to visit the Lake Bled area just NW of Ljub--very picturesque!