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Help with itinerary in Germany/Prague

We are an older couple with a young adult daughter visiting friends in Frankfurt in Sept. We will have an additional 6 or 7 days to travel and have ruled out the Munich/Salzburg area on the advice of our German friends as it will be Oktoberfest and millions of visitors are expected then. We'd prefer to avoid huge crowds. I'd like to spend about 3 days visiting the Nuremberg/Wurzburg/Rothenburg areas and Bamberg for the beer. That leaves 3 or 4 days. We're considering flying into Prague, spending 3 days there, taking a train to Nuremberg, picking up a car rental to explore that area before heading into Frankfurt. Our German friends love Berlin and are encouraging us to consider that as an alternative to Prague. We like history, castles, the outdoors, culture, beer and also want to visit a Jewish museum or concentration camp site. Any general itinerary advice, knowledge about taking a train from Prague to Nuremberg or advice on Prague vs. Berlin (which I know are very different cities) appreciated. None of us has traveled in these areas before.

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Terezin is an easy day trip from Prague. The Jewish Museum in Berlin was the only museum I went to there that I didn't like. It's also the only Jewish museum I've been to that I didn't like. Prague and Berlin are both excellent destinations. You can't go wrong with either.

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Either Berlin or Prague will be wonderful for what you are looking for. Both have great beer and history. You would love either, but for different reasons...I might choose Prague since you will be spending the majority of your trip in Germany. If you are indecisive, look at airfare and choose the cheapest! I know from Atlanta, Prague is usually much cheaper when we travel...