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I am just about to book our ferries from Athens to Mykonos - Mykonos to Naxos and Naxos to Santorini, Santorini to Athens for late May. Can anyone advise me-should we use the superjet or the blue ferry which is slower. I have read horror stories on the superjet. Also, should I book a flight from Santorini to Athens instead of the ferry. We do have extra days at the end in Athens. Please help,

Posted by Sonja
Lakefield, Ontario, Canada
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Thank you, I will look into the Rafina departure.

Posted by Lee
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Hi Sonja- Car ferries are of course much larger and more stable but take much longer to reach their destinations. If you are concerned about the ferry ride you can shorten the one to Mykonos significantly by leaving from Rafina instead of Piraeus. Depending on the schedules there are highspeed ferries that take as little as 2 hours. If your plan is to leave for Mykonos the same day as your arrival you can take a bus from the airport to Rafina in about 30 minutes. It's much closer to the airport than Piraeus. If you plan to spend time in Athens first I suggest you spend that last night in Rafina so you don't have to scramble early in the morning to get to Rafina for the ferry. The Avra Hotel is within very easy walking distance to the ferry dock. Yes, the SuperJet has a terrible reputation. Not only for the high probability of seasickness but also for unreliability. Unfortunately for you, right now the SuperJet is the only ferry scheduled for the run between Mykonos and Naxos, so pray for calm seas. Sit along the centerline of the ship to keep the side-to-side rocking to a minimum. The Blue Star car ferry takes about 8 hours to reach Athens/Piraeus from Santorini. It's your choice whether you want to spend 8 hours on a ferry or 30 minutes on a plane. FERRY SCHEDULES HERE

Posted by Debabrata
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We had traveled between Mykonos and Santorini by Superjet - actually the experience was better than the Blue Ferry ride between Athens and Mykonos. But I guess the seas were pretty calm on that day. Between Santorini and Athens, I would definitely recommend a flight - Aegean / Olympic Airlines fly that route.