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Help on transportation - travel from Prague to Ljubljana

We are planning to travel from Prague to Ljubljana but cannot find a direct way to do so. The best I have come across is taking the train from Prague through Munich to Ljubljana. Any suggestions on how we do the trip?

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I think that Lubljana is far enough from Prague to justify flying.

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Since there are no direct flights between Prague and Ljubljana, flying would most likely end up being very expensive and quite long. There used to be a direct train but it was unfortunately cancelled due to lack of demand, so yes, at the moment the best way to do the trip other than flying is to take the train via Munich (the first leg is on a bus!) or via Vienna, either way it will take a long time. For the exact timetable, check If you don't mind driving, another alternative is to rent a car, if you're returning to Prague it could end up being the cheapest option. If you're going one-way it may prove tricky though, as cross-border drop-offs are insanely expensive. This way you could make it a two-day trip and do some sightseeing along the way if time allows.

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My family and I used a car service called "Prague Airport Transfers" to drive 4 of us from Krakow to Prague. I was judging my mother for booking this and thinking "There is no way this Czech company is driving to Poland to pick us up". But he was there, on time, friendly. The whole thing cost about 400 Euro which was definitely cheaper than plane tickets. It would have been comparable to train tickets but was definitly easier. OUr drive took us 4 1/2 hours so yours would be a little longer. But they still may be willing to do it. Good luck! Kristen

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Thanks all for your helpful suggestions. Dejan, I completely agree, it is a long drive and there is no easy way to get there. Thanks Kristen, we are using the same service between Prague and Krakow and glad to find you liked their service. I will definitely check with them Vidya