Help Needed - Eastern Europe in November

I am fortunate enough to be scheduled for a business meeting in Eger, Hungary from Tuesday November 13th - Thursday November 15th. Since this is business, I will definitely be spending the Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday at the end of the trip with co-workers exploring Budapest before flying home from there. The great fortune I have is that I've saved enough vacation days to go ahead of the larger group a week early to do some exploring of the region on my own (Arrive on Saturday November 3rd). If you count my arrival day, this gives me around 10 days to explore prior to the time I need to be in Eger. With that said, where does this group recomment I go? I'm currently considering a loop of Bratsliva, Vienna, and Krakow before returning back to Hungary. Should I include a day or two in Budapest when I arrive? To give you a little more background, I'm a very experienced European traveler, going to the continent several times a year for a combination of business and pleasure. I'm also experienced in solo travel and do not find it difficult to meet other travelers. I've been all over western Europe, particularly Germany, but Prague is the farthest east I've ventured. In general, during the day I like to take in historical items (particularly WWII and the Cold War) over art museums, although, if there is something that will really blow me away I'd like to hear about it. Also, I truly love soaking in European culture by taking a break and having a coffee in a nice pedestrian area and watching the people go by. Finally, I like to cap off the day with a nice meal of local cuisine before settling into a beer garden or pub to hopefully meet locals and other travelers. With that said, let me know what your recommendations are!!!

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If you are into WWII and The Cold War then you can spend a lot of rewarding time in and around Budapest. One place just outside of Budapest that I found fascinating but you won't find in any of the guide books is: Other points of interest on the subject House of Terror. Ignore the name its an excellent museum on Nazi, Racist and Communist occupation The prison in Buda where so many innocents were tortured. The Jewish deportation ghetto The Hospital and atomic fallout shelter hidden under Buda Communist trinkets in antique shops Communist and Soviet monuments Buildings still showing the bullet hours of WWII and The 56 revolution The place on the Dance where the Jews were shot to fall into the river One of Wallenberg's safe houses How about a tour of a cold War air raid shelter (i happen to own one...don't ask why) Jewish deportation train station now closed Eichmann's command center
The hotel where Schindler met and tried to warn the Jews The remains of the siege of Budapest One of the most destructive campaigns of the war. Heck, they still dig up unexplored bombs from time to time If you want details let me know

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Oh, if it were me personally, Vienna, Prague, Krakow can be seen any time. When will you be so close to Romania and Bulgaria again?

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Hi, In Budapest I recommend also the Military/Army History Museum located on a hill, the same in Vienna, #1: the Heeresgeschichtlichesmuseum close to the former S├╝dbahnhof (South Train Station). After you're done viewing the museum, and presumably the museum/coffee shop too, there's still more outside, when you leave the museum/coffee shop...the display of tanks out in the garten called the tank garten. #2. Zentralfriedhof(Central Cemetery)...the WW I and II military cemeteries for the Austrians, and the Soviet WW II cemetery, as you enter. The entire place is huge. #3. the Soviet WW II military memorial near Schwarzenberg Platz. It's bigger and more elaborate than the one in western Berlin near the Tiergarten but nowhere as extensive as the one in Berlin-Treptow.

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Hello Brian,
I was in Budapest with friends in August and would highly recommend you stay there. I stayed at a hotel on the Buda side and would recommend you do that. It is easy to get around. There is much old ancient stuff, and go to the Communist Memorial to get Cold War update. I would recommend taking a bath, and some are indoors!!. Another thing is dinner in the Square by St Michaels church, family time.