Help me pack for Turkey please

Taking RS Village Tour of Turkey early to mid October. I want to pack light but can't seem to whittle it down.. Is it too late in the year for capris and sandals? How cool is it likely to get? I know no one can predict the weather but maybe someone has taken the tour in that time period can give me some guidance.

Posted by Paula
Arlington, TX, USA
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Pat, The RS Istanbul guide says the temps range from 53-68 in October. It may be colder in other areas of Turkey. Capris may be ok for some of your itinerary but I would also take some pants that are longer that may be more versatile. Royal Robbins has a nice pair of pants that you can roll up with a button. I bought a pair at REI over the weekend and they feel great (very comfortable). I think they will dry fast so that is a plus. I would also take at least one lightweight turtleneck and possibly a crew neck tee or sweater that you can layer. I think you will be able to wear sandals on some days but you may possibly need closed shoes too. I went on the RS Istanbul trip in 2010 and the mornings were cool until about 10am. I am going to Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale and Ephehus in October. It is a wonderful country and I know you
will enjoy your RS Tour!

Posted by Josey
Lander, WY, USA
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Hi. I took the Village Turkey last year at the same time. Wore sandals and capris a lot- some folks wore shorts too. It was hot, especially when you got further south. Of course take a jacket or fleece too. Have a great trip! It was fun.

Posted by pat
cochranville, pa, usa
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Thank you so much for your responses. I'm really looking forward to the our and will pack according to your recommendations.

Posted by Kellie
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I would recommend you bring a small flashlight in case of power failure. I went on RS Turkey and there were several power outages.
Capris and sandles will be fine this time of year. I will be on the same tour.

Posted by Kelly
Houston, TX, USA
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Don't forget to pack a scarf - you'll need to cover your head and shoulders in mosques and conservative neighborhoods. Most mosques have a bin of scarves outside you can borrow for a few minutes inside, but these don't necessarily get cleaned so it's nice to have your own. Capris are okay in conservative areas but shorts that reveal too much thigh are not. It can get windy along the water, so take a jacket!

Posted by Maggie
Boscombe, Dorset, UK
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I was on the Villages tour last October (obviously not the same one as Josey!). It was unseasonably cold, so much so that most of us on the tour ended up buying warmer clothing at a market.
So I would suggest bringing something warm and lightweight to wear as well. The only time we got warm was on the last few days in Bodrum, where it was lovely and sunny. Hope you enjoy the tour!