Half a day and night in santorini

Our day in santorini is from 1:30 to 10:00. My first question is when they say 10 can you be walking on the ship at 9:45? We are 4 couples who all like wine but live in Ca so have done that, maybe go taste at the most beautiful winery( suggestion??) but not do a wine tour. I want to hang on the black beach for a bit and get a good walk or hike to the volcano and visit a some cute towns. Then end up in a good restaurant with a great view of the sunset, Suggestions?? Do you think this is possible to do all that. We are up for ATV or scooters. What is the best form of transport?
Thanks Debbie

Posted by Harold
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Since you're arriving on a cruise, be sure to look at http://www.cruisecritic.com. While you may get responses here, Cruise Critic really is the "800 pound gorilla" for cruise information, and the needs of cruisers are different from land-based visitors. Here's their port information for Santorini: http://tinyurl.com/ame5nc5 Here's their message board for Greek ports: http://tinyurl.com/ax6ys4a And here are their Roll Calls, where you can sign up to meet others on your sailing. In addition to its social value, you can find others to split the cost of a private tour, which can be better and/or cheaper than the ship's tours: http://tinyurl.com/ap7h55m

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you probably don't have enough time for everything you mentioned. I really like the walk from Fira towards Oia but not all the way to Oia, just the first half. You can walk along the cliff and pass by many beautiful villages with good restaurants. I don't know of another black beach aside from Kamari. I stayed in Karami once and took the bus to Fira and it's not a short ride. I believe cruise docks on the Fira/Oia side of the island, and Kamari is on the other side of the island.