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Gyor, Hungary

My husband and I will be traveling from Vienna to Budapest in July. I notice Gyor is about mid-way through the journey. Is it worth a stop? If so, what do you suggest as far as sites to see, things to do, restaurants or hotels?

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I'm afraid I don't know about Gyor, but Bratislava is a nice in-between stop. It's a lot more rough and ready than either Vienna or Budapest, but the old city section is quite charming, and meals are much cheaper. There's not a lot to do beyond the old city, since the suburban area is mainly crumbling concrete "worker's paradise" buildings. But a day trip break (and possibly overnight) would be a fine choice. Sorry I can't suggest any hotels--we did it as a daytrip between Vienna aned Budapest.

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I also don't know Gyor but there was a mention about Bratislava. I can recommend Old City Hotel. Night before I stayed at hotel Kijev; don't do it.

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Well, I've been to Gyor, or to be more correctly I stopped in Gyor while I was travelling from Romania to Germany by bus.However I don't know if it's a big city or just a village, we stopped just at the bazzar.
Try maybe you can find some good info.