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Greek Islands, weather late November? Plus questions on alternatives

I am connecting a family trip to Istanbul Turkey with one with a different group to Egypt; having 5 days in between; in the last week of November. I thought to do some island hopping around the Greek Islands. Will it be too cold then? What else would be worth doing/seeing, in that area or between Turkey and Egypt? I like history and ancient sites best.

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It can be cool but not too chilly at that time of year. The biggest problem with Greek island hopping is that it requires the use of ferries. at that time of year the Aegean can be unpredictable and the ferries won't sail if the sea conditions are too rough. You can find yourself stranded on an island for three to four days.

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I would agree that "Island Hopping" may not be the best option, but the Greek Mainland offers plenty, or if an island sounds better, fly to Naxos or to Crete. Both islands are large enough to have year round services (some small islands seem to shut down entirely)with plenty to do and see, Crete would be my highest recommendation.

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I AM interested in Athens (always have wanted to go there), but am thinking that after a week in Istanbul I may need something more low-key for the 5 to 6 days in between. When I join my second tour group in Cairo I will be pretty busy.

Crete is another place I have always wanted to go to. I studied Knossos extensively in art history a year ago (took a lot of greek classical courses). How many days would be good on Crete? Would 3 days on Crete, 2 in Athens be good? Or something like that? Any other ideas? I also thought about going from Istanbul to Ephesus (don't know how), then to Crete. I HAVE heard that ruins in Greece are, well, a little more ruined. Was wondering if they would be disappointing.