Greek Islands

I would love to visit the Greek Islands this May/June. Does anyone have any recommendations? I would be traveling solo.

Posted by Lee
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You have provided absolutely no information about yourself, your interests, likes, dislikes, expectations, must-sees, hotel budget per night, age group, etc. My best recommendation to you is to find a copy of T. Cook's "Greek Island Hopping" so you can make intelligent choices based on which island group might best suit you.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Andrea, I agree with the previous reply - additional information would be a big help! What is the time frame of your trip? Are there any islands that you particularly want to visit? I'd suggest focusing on islands in the same "group" as that will make transportation between them a bit easier. You may find it helpful to have a look at Matt Barrett's excellent Greece Travel website, as that provides good descriptions of all of the islands. I also travelled solo to the islands, and used one of the travel agencies recommended on the website to arrange all the details, including hotels, transportation, transfers, etc. It was a bit of work to set up, but that method worked really well for me. Happy travels!

Posted by Andrea
Darien, IL, USA
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Sorry...I'm new at this! Anyway, I am interested in visiting Athens (Parthenon & Acropolis); Santorini and Mykonos. I enjoy hiking and lying at the beach or poolside. Furthermore, I prefer nice quality or luxury hotels. I will be traveling solo but would consider joining an adult-oriented group. Another friend suggested G Adventures and Intrepid, but I believe they cater to the younger crowd (20-somethings). Another question I have is in regards to the weather. Is mid to late May a good time to visit as far as weather is concerned? I enjoy 75+ degrees. Thank you for your suggestions :)

Posted by Mary
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Hi Andrea, If you like high end, the Katikies Hotel in Oia, Santorini is wonderful but very pricey. May can be lovely in Greece but not always. If you're travelling in May/June of this year you'd better get hopping on your reservations. Personally, I wouldn't cut it that close.

Posted by Christine
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Andrea, You may want to consider a cruise. My husband and I are not normally "cruise people", but we did a cruise of the Greek Islands in May of 2011, and loved it. That would eliminate trying to plan and coordinate hotel accommodations and transferring between islands, which can be quite complicated. We used Oceania Cruise line. Very high end. Room was great. Food was fantastic. We were able to see 6 or 7 different islands including Santorini, Mykonos, Zakynthos, Delos, etc. We were there from early to mid-May, and the weather was beautiful. A bit chilly (needed a light jacket) at the beginning of the trip, but warm enough for short sleeves by the time we got to Athens at the end of the trip. Christine