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Greek Honeymoon Help!

My daughter and son in law want to spend their honeymoon in Greece next May (around May 13-20). They asked me to help them with lodging since they know nothing about Greece. Problem is -- I don't know anything about it either! They would like someplace romantic and luxurious. They both like nice things (good restaurants, nice shops) and yet they are also adventurous (possibly snorkeling or even scuba diving, horseback riding, 4-wheelling, etc.) They can budget up to $3000 for lodging for 7 to 10 days. Might also consider a sailboat or just being in a "cute village"(daughters words)
Any suggestions??

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They'll find what they're looking for on just about any Greek island but Santorini is extra-special that way. It's the island most often seen in Greek travel documentaries, post cards and travel brochures, and the most beautiful and romantic village is Oia. You can see from photos found online (Google Images, etc.) just how special it is. There is 4-wheeling with ATVs, horseback riding, wine tasting, hiking, scuba diving and a couple of archaeolgical sites on the island. There are excellent shops, cafes, galleries and restaurants in each village. Charter sailing is also available. There is an airport on the island and you can also get there by ferry from Athens/Piraeus. $3000 = €320/day for a week. Check Dream Blue at, Esperas Houses, Aspaki Hotel, Caldera Villas, Atrina Houses, Fanari Villas and Alexandros Villa at Marizan Villas. Some of these won't book so far ahead but they can at least look at their websites to see if they're interested.

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One of the largest resort chains in Greece is Grecotel
We've stayed on one in Crete, very fabulous. Rhodes is a good choice for sitting on the beach and maybe seeing sights if they want to venture outside the resort. DK travel guides have a good 'Greek Islands' tour book, suggest they pick one up, narrow down their island choices depending on what they're looking for. Get on the Grecotel site and pick a resort, don't second guess your choice, go all-inclusive and enjoy.

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It looks like my daughter has narrowed down her search to either Sifnos or Milos. Is anyone familiar with either of these islands? Are there suitable hotels there for a honeymoon couple? Any special activities you could recommend? There are especially interested in staying on a chartered sailboat.

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I just returned from Crete and suggest that you avoid it especially for a honeymoon.