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Greek Ferry classes

I've been checking out ferry websites for a September journey from Athens to Santorini but I don't know what the difference is between the classes, they list airplane seats in numerous different lounges, then business class and of course cabins which is easy to figure out. Any suggestions, we would be taking a daytime journey so probably wouldn't need a cabin. Thank you.

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The different classes are there for people who want to have a nap while they travel. Cabins are normally for overnight travel or for people who need some serious deep sleep. Business class gives you access to a rather well furnished lounge and inflated bar prices. Airplane seats are for people who feel the need a light nap ( the trouble is that if you do fall asleep, your hand luggage is unguarded - I've never heard of anyone losing hand luggage this way, so maybe I'm being overly cautious ). The rest of us travel as foot passengers and spend the time in the bar or in the restaurant/cafe or out on deck watching the Agean slip by. If you are looking at the Blue Star line to Santorini it can take quite a while because the ferry normally stops at Paros and Naxos and sometimes other islands. If the weather is good I like to sit on deck and read a book I've always meant to read or go through a guide book from cover to cover and brush up on the few Greek phrases I know.

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Regarding the airplane seats in the different lounges, I wish that seats on an airplane were that nice! The different lounges are all pretty much the same, so you can pick any one at random. While your seat is in that particular lounge, you are free to walk around in any lounge. Except business class, of course.