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Greece with girlfriend?

I was planning to take my girlfriend on a trip to Greece in around the early summer next year. I had a few concerns about this trip and would appreciate any input you people may have. 1. Given the current economic crisis along with the strikes, would it even be a smart to travel to that country. 2. My girlfriend is blind and I am concerned about how accommodations will handle her having a guide dog. Along with this. 3. How easy is it to get around not knowing the language. Thank you everyone for your help.

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Vincent, we have only a few helpers here who are familiar with Greece, and hopefully they'll see your post today, or at least over the weekend, and be able to answer your questions. So please keep checking back here, even if your question is not answered right away. You might also want to ask the same questions here. Best wishes to you and your girlfriend on this.

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language is not an issue and bad economics means cheaper deals. as far as you stay away from the troubled area you'll be fine. i think the guide dog is ok, most of the facilities are pretty good, and there are plenty street dogs running around so people must be very used to see dogs. However, i think around the acropolis i never see any dogs although they're everywhere in the city, so there might be some problem with that. If you just hit the beaches or small islands you'll be fine. Some buses can be crowded, so sometimes you might need a taxi but they're not expensive.

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Vincent The strikes can be inconvenient, but it is possible to work around them with a moderate amount of planning. It's a question of not having such a tight schedule that any disruption makes things impossible. I've not the experience to answer directly about guide dogs but Greek holiday makers often travel with dogs, so I assume that there is accommodation that is happy to cater for them. I would probably book places over the internet and check before booking. Getting around without speaking Greek is easy. Millions of people do it every year, and Greeks are well used to dealing with it. Early summer is a good time to visit. There are a lot of flowers and hence a lot of beautiful smells. Come back or message me direct if you have queries about specific places. We know Greece pretty well and are happy to try and help. Cheers Alan PS This may be of help

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Language not a problem. We spent 3 weeks in Greece, 2 weeks in the countryside and had no problem with language. On the few occasions where nobody spoke English, we were still able to make hotel resos, order at restaurants, and get directions with minimal confusion. We traveled with my Mom's service dog and had no difficulties taking her with us. I agree with other posters though, when making hotel reservations, check that the dog is OK just to avoid any hassels.