Greece or Croatia for a week?

My husband and I will be in London the first part of June for a quick weekend with friends. We've traveled western & part of eastern Europe extensively on our own (no tours). We'd like to fly to either Croatia or Greece for a week afterward. Any suggestions on where to go or preferences for either would be much appreciated!

Posted by Alan
Brighton, UK
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Lisa I can't comment on Croatia as I've never been there. Also, I love Greece and so may be biased! Having said that, it depends quite a lot on what you enjoy doing. Do you enjoy visiting sites, for example? If so, and if you are happy to hire a car, you could do a really interesting week in Greece: a couple of days in Athens to see the Acropolis and other sites, drive to Delphi and then across the Rio - Antirio onto the Peloponnese. Stay in Nafplio, a wonderful little town with a huge Venetian fortress, and visit Mycenae and Epidavrus, two of the great Greek sites. On your way back to Athens stop off at Corinth - as in Paul's Epistles to the Corinthinas - to visit the Roman site and also go up to Acrocorinth the more ancient fortification from which you can see both ends of the Corinth canal. If you aren't into sites but want to chill out then a visit to the islands might suit you better. I'm not a great fan of Santorini but pretty much everybody else here is, and it's undeniably beautiful. I love Syros, the capital of the Cyclades, but Sifnos and Serifos are also nice. Hope you have a good trip whatever you decide. Alan

Posted by Carol
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We second Alan's reply. Never been to Croatia but spent 4 weeks in Greece in September. For one week, Alan's itinerary is what we would also recommend. You can check out the recommended sites and plan your own schedule. In Greece you will experience great history, great scenery, great food, and great people. Have a wonderful time!

Posted by Charlene
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I've been to, and love, both places. Your choice really depends on what appeals to you. Do you like an active vacation, with hiking and swimming? Or do you want to relax and really soak in the local culture, maybe with a few day trips? Do you like modern, deluxe hotels or small b&bs? Do you like nightlife, or are you happy to sip a glass of wine at sunset on a beach outside your hotel? If you could tell us a little more about yourselves, we could come up with many ideas.

Posted by Lee
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I'm not informed about Croatia but EasyJet has cheap non-stop summertime flights from London/Gatwick to several Greek islands: Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, Corfu and Rhodes. Check their website.

Posted by Lisa
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Hi everyone, thank you for all of your advice and comments. Charlene, to answer some of your questions, we like a vacation filled with seeing historical sites, exploring neighborhoods where locals live, along with eating as local/non-touristy as possible. We do enjoy swimming and would be interested in checking out some islands/beach for a few days to relax and unwind after exploring for several days. We would be more than happy to have wine at sunset and a beach outside of our hotel and would not be interested in nightlife. Hope this provides some more clarity on what we're looking for and thanks again for everyone's help!

Posted by Charlene
Centennial, CO, US
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I see that you are now also considering Turkey, but let me put in a plug for Greece. If you can get a direct flight from London to Santorini, you could spend 4 relaxing days on this spectacular island. Then you could ferry back to Athens (no advance ferry ticket required), and do some sightseeing ... maybe even a day trip to Hydra or Aegina ... then fly home from Athens. It might be nice to break up the two cities (London and Athens) with an island in between. It would also be a simple trip logistically, with no backtracking. If you go to Turkey, you'll likely fly into Istanbul, fly to Cappadocia, then fly back to Istanbul and perhaps have to spend the night, then fly home. Just an idea ...