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Greece Land Packages

Does anyone have suggestions on Island Hopping Land packages. We were looking at Gate 1 Travel, Encounter, and I'm confused. Looking at a Athens/Mykonos/Santorini/Crete package. We don't
want to be on tours ALL day, Love shopping & dinning. Thanks for suggestions.

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Try contacting Fantasy Travel and Dolphin-Hellas Travel, both in Athens and both very accomplished in organizing tours for visitors to Greece, based on your desires, not what someone else thinks you might want. They're completely reliable and trustworthy with excellent reputations for communication and follow-up.

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We used Petra from Fantasy Travel in 2007. They have a very reasonable Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Athens Package.

But these aren't tours. They make all your ferry, flight, accommodations bookings and transfers but there are no organized tours except for a morning bus tour in Athens. I suppose they would arrange tours if that was what you wanted.

We told them the types of accommodations we were looking for and they came back with several proposals.

We also spent a week in Crete and stayed at three separate locations; Heraklion, Agios Nickolaos, and Hania.

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In 2006, Dina from Fantasy Travel organised a 2-week trip for us that was a week on the mainland (Athens, Delphi, Olympia, Napflio) and a couple days in each of Mykonos, Santorini and Crete. As previously stated, we were on our own to plan what we did in the destinations but Fantasy booked hotels, ferries, transfers, car rentals etc. It was great for us.

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Carol - You really don't need to spend the money for a "TOUR" in Athens, Santorini, or Mykonos.
In Athens, you take the single line train from Piraeus up to La Plaka - Enjoy the Monisteraki Market and the shops of La Plaka, then walk up the hill to the Acropolis and spend time there. Then back down the train to Piraeus - jump on a Ferry and head to Mykonos - spend a night or two on the Island, walking the streets and enjoying Mykonos Town - Then, when you're ready jump on the ferry and move on to Santorini - The most Beautiful of all The Greek Islands. Walk Fira Town and Oia and enjoy the most spectacular views in The Islands


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Thanks Greg.....That's good info to have, I appreciate your response :)

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What Greg said, times ten. Of all the places not to get a tour,, it would be the islands. Perhaps get something for the mainland, but the islands are small, you can't really get lost,, it would be just such a waste.

Another completely different option is something called "Easy Cruises" .. Not like regular cruising at all. Basis ships,, they are NOT the destination at all, no ice skating rinks or water slides,, LOL . BUT,, rather consider them floating hotels , where you arrive at a new island every morning,, stay all day into late evening, they ship sails to next island while you sleep. You can eat on land,, or if wish on ship,, you pay for meals on ship seperately. You get alot of time on island( compared to regular cruises). NO luxuries,, and not for everyone, but those who love these cruises swear by them, google them and look them up. The prices are attractive.

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About Easy Cruise --- sorry to have to rain on that parade, but E-C after a promising start, turned terrible. Many bad reviews on TRip Advisor. com and cruisecritic... it seems they couldn't make money on their original premise so the services were cut back sharply, they began REQUIRING people to take meals, and serving really bad food, their schedules went wack ... you name it. Man unhappy people. I think the line was sold during this year.

That being said, if someone wants a person/agency to take care of all the details, I agree with those who say, let a GReece-based agency handle getting yoiur hotels, flights, ferries, and having cars take to you/from Ferry or domestic plane. Dolphin-Hellas or Thesaurus travel have had the best recent reviews in my opnion.. Fantasy may have outrun its past rep.

The way to get what you want is to come to such an agency with SPECIFICS ... you want to pay no more than xxxx per night at Island ____. You want to be at the beach (??) or in town in Mykonos, in Santorini you want accmmodations (1) in perissa or kamari beachtowns or (2) in Caldera towns -- Oia, FIrostephani, Imervogli or Fira Town (do a little homework and decide first). If u are going to Crete be sure u have at least 4 dys for it... Don't stay East of Iraklion unless u can afford (and want) posh resort accoms at Elounda ... Most efficient way to visit is to fly or overnighte ferry to Chania area... then tdravel south/then east &north to Heraklion area for ferry to Santorini... a classic triangle that all of us crete-lover use... look at a map & you'll see why. This can be done on public transit, or by car rental.

Of the 3 islands u list, only Crete will give u much contact with actual GReeks and how they live (assuming you want this; some mainly want to sun, go to spas, buy jewelry and leave). In that case, Mykonos and Santorini can be done without meeting many Greeks at all. But one would miss a lot.

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My husband & I just returned from a one month independent tour which I planned with the help of the internet of Greece and several islands. We did not have any real problems and were able to do what we wanted to do. We met many helpful people along the way & had a great time!