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Greece/Israel in December

Because mid December is the only time my college age children can join us, we're planning two weeks in Greece and Israel. Does anyone have experience with travelling in either of these places in December? I'm told it can be cold in both. We're thinking Jerusalem & Tel Aviv in Israel and have not decided on a loation in Greece. Would love any suggestions. Thanks!

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Greece will be very cold. It will be freezing in some areas. Beleive it or not there can even be snow out on one of the islands then. Your best chance for good weather in Greece in December would be in Rhodes or Kastellorizo since they're as far as you can go eastward and still be in Greece. Check weather history for Rhodes and other areas of Greece and Israel HERE

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Allison We spend a couple of weeks in Greece every December. As Lee says it can be cold and, very occasionally, there is snow. You can also though have crisp sunny days and it is often warm enough to sit out for lunch. Many places also have space heaters so you can sit under the Acropolis for an early evening drink. Brilliant! I think it's a good time to be there. The sites are less crowded and people generally have more time. Apart from the larger islands - Crete, Rhodes - most of the islands are very quiet. Ferries are also less frequent. It might be a good idea to stick to the mainland. How about Athens with a side trip to Nafplio? We've written up some of our comments on Nafplio and elsewhere on the site there are suggestions about eating in Athens. Have a great trip. Alan

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Alan and Lee..thanks for this information. It will be helpful in planning.