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greece,greek island hopping, and turkey

am arriving in athens on april 29/08 and am planning to do some island hopping(maybe a 13 day package) on about the 2nd of may...would also like to do some of turkey-for 2-3 days or so...might be from rhodes.....if at all possible would like to try to get to istanbul if not too expensive...we have 20 in all.....anybody, any specific itineray as yet....thinking ferry and/or plane if not cost prohibitive....susan

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It depends what you like to do.
Get some travel books from your library and start researching.
The avantage of going by ferry is that you can take it overnight, but it takes long time. By air it's much shorter.
There are a few cheap air lines companies in Europe, like and more you cab nook flights for 50EUR round trip to specific destinations.
Search for a thread on this forum about it.

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bea. thankx so much for your help. any other suggestions regarding hotels and places to see in athens, would be greatly appreciated

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I only have been to Turkey one time, for about 5 days, back in 89-90. I spent the New Year ober there,a nd I can't remeber when I stayed. I remeber something strange about the hotels in Istambul. It had 3 stars on it, right up front, but inside looked like a motel. It the US some of the motels are nice, but 3 star hotel was terrible. We were young and didn't know much about hotels at that time, and didn't care much either, but I still remember the horror. The only Window in the room was about 5 in wide, the bed was very old, I could see the cracks in it. But we had a laundry bag .
But there are other nice stiroes I heard from my cusin. She goes every year to the sea side in Anlalya and she said it's very nice, nice hotels and all you can eat type of meals.
So, I would suggest to take a good look online before you book.
Go to and check hotel reviews. It's a very good web site,and it's free

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Also watch your susoundings. There are many experienced pickpockets in Istambul. If you go to the bazar, keep everything inside your coat. I had a zipper purse on my shoulder and they managed to open it. I did not feel anything. They couldn't get anything, because I saw it right then.