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greece: ferry or fly?

Is it worth the money/time saved to fly between the farther destinations. The plan is Athens -> Mykonos -> Santorini -> Corfu -> Italy (Bari by ferry, Rome by air). Would it be smartest to skip corfu and just fly from santorini to athens to Rome (thereby skipping the wasted day of travel from greece to rome)? If we were to skip Corfu is there another island thats similar or better? We were thinking Ios or Crete, any thoughts on either?

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Dropping Corfu would smooth things out and drop a ferry ride and an air leg saving both time and dollars. Not sure what the attracts you to Corfu, it is pretty much taken over with Brits partying, which can be fun, but Mykonos and Ios are in the same vein. Crete is nice, loved Hania. Both Ios and Crete are on a common Ferry route with Mykonos and Santorini, so you could ferry all the way to Crete or Santorini, then fly back to Athens and on to Rome.

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We loved Crete. Will go back next June. We took an overnight ferry from the Isle of Milos to Crete. We also took a ferry that was like a cruise ship from Ag. Nic, Crete to Athens. We were allowed to get on the ferry hours before it left.
When we go back, I will check flying versus ferries and the cost.

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Years ago we took a ferry to Mykonos and Paros. Loved the islands,they are very different from each other. We wanted to go to Santorini, but on our budget, without prepurchase, an air ticket would have cost too much, and there was no way we wanted to get on another ferry. I understand there are nicer ones now, but the rust buckets we took were depressing, and it took HOURS( at least 6 I think ) to get to Mykonos, and the ships were nothing like cruise ships, LOL !
If I did it again I would fly to Santorini and Mykonos,but it all depends on prices I guess. Corfu is out of that loop as we had to return to Athens for my friend to continue on to Corfu, no direct ferry from Paros. Flights are so cheap now if you can travel with carry on I would seriously consider flying more places. Time is worth money too!

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We almost skipped Corfu, but after a few hours there, we decided to retire there. You be the judge.