I am planning a first time trip to Greece for two and 1/2 weeks in early June. I am a 60 year old female traveling alone. I have just returned from 10 days in Turkey and have traveled in other countries Italy, France, G.Britain, but this will be the first time alone/solo. Some advice on planning a trip on a budget, I rented an apt. in Istanbul, so do not need a hotel am somewhat adventurous and like to not be just a tourist and just see touristy places and just enjoy the country. Any advice?

Posted by Lee
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Claudia, you need to do some preliminary research to determine what sort of experience you want and where you want to go. There are just too many possibilities otherwise. Get a copy of a good travel guide and at least narrow down the choices. If island hopping is in the cards get T. Cook's 'Greek Island Hopping". Once you've decided where you want to go come back and let us know what your daily room budget will be so we can help you find suitable accommodations.

Posted by Douglas
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There are four "tourist" parts to Greece: Islands, Athens, Peloponnese and the rest of the Greek mainland (to the north). Which parts do you want to see? Strategies vary significantly for each. Certainly invest in a guidebook or two and check out Matt Barrett's online guide, which is very good. Once you have some basics figured out, come back with some specific questions or guidance that we can hopfully help with.