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Greece at Easter

My husband and I will be traveling to Greece, and our vacation window means that we will be there during Orthodox Easter. We have no specifics in place and would appreciate advice about where to spend the days around Easter. We expect to be in Greece about 12 days, with emphasis on the Peloponnese. An island or two -- but not yet chosen.

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Before too much more time passes you need to secure confirmed reservations for ferries, trains, rental cars, domestic airlines and hotels in Greece. Greek Easter weekend is the busiest weekend of the year and if you don't have reservations you might find yourselves sleeping under a tree. or stuck somewhere with no way to travel onward.

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We were there during the Orthodox Easter and enjoyed it - just requires some extra planning and confirmed reservations. Many Greek families take holiday at that time so that the roads, ferries, etc. are jammed solid. I think that if you are to visit an island it would be good to get there before the holiday and plan to stay put until after it. If you are in some of the more remote areas of the Peloponnese you may not feel much impact at all. In our case the hotel helped us work out the details. For this year, there is no time to delay for the reservations.

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Sue If you are on the Peloponnese then Nafplio would probably be a nice place to spend Easter, but not as atmospheric as somewhere smaller. We've spent Easter on Syros a couple of times and it is beautiful. Ano Syros in particular, with Easter greetings painted on the white alleyways and fireworks above the church. It is also (according to people on the island) the only place in the world where Catholics have permission to celebrate Easter at the same time as the Greek Orthodox population. We've also, on the mainland, been to Kalambaka which had a very atmosperic procession. I second the advice to decide and book early. Greek Easter this weekend falls on May Day which is also a big holiday in Greece. Alan

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Thanks so much. These are all excellent suggestions, and I am spending this week making reservations.